Upcoming Harmontown Episodes

Front Page News

Due to some unfortunate issues with the theater where we record Harmontown episodes, we had to cancel our September 30th show. Since we’re temporarily without a theater to shoot in, we did a special session of Harmontown in the Feral Audio recording studio over the weekend.

This episode will be available as an audio podcast for everyone on Wednesday as usual, and we have a video from this episode for our subscribers that will be available shortly.

While our theater works out some logistical issues over the next several weeks, we’re going to keep doing weekly Harmontown episodes from a recording studio. They’ll be streamed live for subscribers, the podcast will get uploaded as normal, we just won’t have a live audience. As soon as we can move back to the theater, we’ll make an announcement as soon as tickets are available.

Thanks to everyone for being so patient while we figured out how to keep the show going in the interim.