• June 15, 2015 at 1:36 am #26229

    After watching Harmontown on Netflix two days ago, my appreciation for what I already consider to be the best show on T.V. grew exponentially. Observing a genius like Dan unravel his mind so unabashedly, in front of complete strangers — while Spencer and Jeff (and whomever else has the balls to join them on stage) are taken on this ride-to-who-the-hell-knows-where — helped me to understand, in a small way, the guy behind the brilliance that is Community.

    Seeing fans just like myself meeting Dan, and thanking him for giving us a show that we can all so easily relate to, also allowed me to realize that, indirectly and unintentionally, he has helped so many of us deal with all sorts of things we might not have been able to do so, otherwise.
    (I apologize for the run-on-ness of that last sentence. My brain often works like that).

    Community is a show that unites its fans like no other, and Dan Harmon is the type of writer/creator Hollywood desperately needs more of. Watching Harmontown taught me taught me the former, while greatly reaffirming the latter.

    December 3, 2015 at 12:31 am #26585

    I agree! I really dug Community but after listening to the podcast I had a better understanding of the two! Harmontown: The Movie, became the go to flick after most nights of drinking…. and Community is the only soothing part of the following hangover. 🙂

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