About Harmontown

Founded in 2011, Harmontown is a near weekly live podcast by Dan Harmon (Community, Rick & Morty, Channel 101) featuring co-host “Comptroller” Jeff Davis (Whose Line Is It Anyway?).

In 2013, it took to the road and by 2014 became a movie, the second documentary by director Neil Berkeley, following his first release “Beauty Is Embarrassing“.

Harmontown.com offers a $5 subscription model, that is independently run and produced by its creators Dan Harmon and Kevin Day. The subscription model brings HD Live Video Streaming and Archives of all future podcasts as video downloads. Harmontown.com intends on expanding its technical capabilities in the future, becoming not just a podcast, but one of the most intimate places on the web. An entire audio, visual and technical experience, bringing its audience closer and closer to its cast.

Want Harmontown to come to your comedy festival? We’d love to hear from interested event planners. Email [email protected] to speak with our booking coordinator.