Harmontown began in 2011, and has evolved into a weekly audio podcast. The weekly audio podcast is, and always will be, free for everyone. Subscribe on iTunes, add the feed to your podcast player, or listen to an episode right here.

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Check out the recording of our first live show here. We began regular video recordings of all shows starting November 1st, 2014.

Scheduling for a live show can be complicated, and our show dates can vary. If more than two weekends pass without a live Harmontown show happening, we’ll extend your membership at no charge until the next show happens. We’ll make every effort to have live video available for every Harmontown show, but there may be (rare!) instances where that isn’t possible. Situations such as internet outages, venue restrictions on filming during road tours, or other problems outside our control may mean the video won’t be available until after the show is completed, or may be an audio-only episode. If this happens we’ll do our best to make it right.